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  The Photography of Peter Vincent

Aesthetics are at the core of hot rodding. And nothing captures the visual essence of the hot rod like Peter Vincents photography. In brilliant color and fully-saturated black-and-white photography, Vincent will capture Americas most essential hot rods, hot rodders, and racers in dramatic settings such as the Bonneville Salt Flats and Californias dry lakes - the places from which hot rodders have always drawn inspiration. The majority of the books photographs will get the same treatment: each will have its own page, surrounded by white space and properly cropped and framed to show off Vincents photographic artistry. Woven throughout the book, Vincent will tell the story of hot rodding through interviews with the originators of the culture, land speed racers, and the new generation of hot rodders who are keeping alive the aesthetic sensibility of hot rodding.

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wie gesagt(geschrieben)dieses buch gibt es jetzt auf deutsch
seid zwei jahren

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